Monday, February 2, 2009

The First Post

Does everyone have "first post anxiety" when they start a blog? This is my first entry into my first web log. I've been writing in journals and diaries since I was a kid, but always thought about the repercussions of writing my deepest and darkest on paper. The limitations, though, of a paper-based log is that it does only reach the eyes of the one who writes it, and maybe after death, grand kids and the like see what a nut you were. But, as I'm still alive and needing to reach out and share information with others, I was led to the "blogosphere".

What kind of information do I have to share? Well, my brain contains lots and lots of randomness, but most of it deals with the creative industries. I love making and designing things, and here you will find information on projects I have completed, and instructions on how to make them yourself if interested.

Warning: being a jack-of-all-trades has left me a master of none. So, I put forward these projects with good intentions. Don't hurt yourself, m'kay?

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