Friday, June 19, 2009

StitchinCrochet Preview Poster & PDFs

Stitchin Crochet is now available for purchase here.

If you find that your purchase of StitchinCrochet did not include your .pdf key, you have a few options...

You can go back to your account and manually install your font someplace obvious, like your desktop. Then unzip the file and in that file should be the .pdfs.  Update 4/23/2010... You can now download the keyboard key .PDF file directly from the MyFonts gallery view here.

OR if you have gmail, you can download
U.S. Crochet Terms here
U.K. Crochet Terms here
Keyboard key (based on U.S. keyboard) here


Unknown said...

Hello, I what to buy the font, but i dont have a creditcard can i please pay paypal? my email is thank you!

adriprints said...

Hi There,

Since I don't handle any of the transactions, you must visit They I believe do take paypal.

Thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

You rock! It is so awesome that you came up with's like the answer to my prayers.

Lilu said...

Hi Adri,

Well done on creating the crochet font!

I watched your video tutorials on doing circular designs. I was wondering if you also use the font for linear designs. For linear designs, is it merely a matter of typing the symbols into e.g. Word and the vertical and horisontal spacing will be correct, or do you really need to use a graphic design program and build a picture out of the symbols?


adriprints said...

Hi Lilu,
For linear designs, you can just use a spreadsheet program like "Excel" or "Open Office Calc" to lay out the design. It helps to center the symbols and you don't necessarily need a high-end design program like Illustrator. :) Also, there are free Illustrator-like software such as Inkscape that can help you align the symbols more freely, but still keep in budget. Thanks for writing!

Unknown said...

Duh! What a dufus. I totally just re-read the blog post and found what I just asked for. Note to self. Calm down when reading crochet stuff! Too excited. ;-)