Monday, September 7, 2009

Ravelry Design Donation 1

Audrey Hepburn fan group... used photo from photobucket and further manipulated them, changed the background colors, etc.:

Kazoo Yarnies, a knitting and yarn aficionados located in Kalamazoo, Michigan needed a badge/group banner and here's what I came up with for them:


beth pulsipher said...

Great badge/banner!!! Love the boldness, the style, the jewel colors. Great Job!!!

:) beth

adriprints said...

Thank you for the encouraging words. :D

Andrea Cummings said...

How do I found out more info about this group???

adriprints said...

@ Andrea: You can find the Kazoo Yarnies on ( Ravelry is a website dedicated to knitting, crochet, and is also a database and social network as well. You can also contact Beth directly, and she might be able to help you out. Good luck, and have fun!