Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Gifts 2: Afternoon Beanie

Named after the amount of time it took me to knit it, the Afternoon Beanie is a very simple hat made with DK weight yarn knit in K2P2 ribbing.

I used Dyelot Yarn's Merino in "Gringa" and "Tres Santa Fe" which are both 100% Merino superwash to make the two different beanies. One was made shorter to fit my head and the other longer (exactly like the directions) to fit my husband.  For larger or smaller sizes the cast-on extras in 4 st increments.

Needles:  I used 5.0mm dpns to knit this hat, but it all depends on your own needle and gauge.

Instructions for 22" to 25" crown:
  1. CO 76  sts using cable cast-on method for elasticity. Divide evenly among 4 dpns.
  2. Work 1 round in K2,P2 rib and place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round, and then after every group of 12 sts.
  3. Continue knitting in K2,P2 rib until the piece measures 5.5" (or 3" before desired length) and begin decreases.
  4. Decrease 1 stitch after each stitch marker (including the end of rnd), then work one round plain. Repeat this three times total.
  5. Final Decrease rounds... continue decreasing 1 st after each stitch marker (without a plain round in between decrease rounds) until only 10 to 12 sts remain (depending on original cast-on) and then sew through the remaining stitches, pull tight, and weave in all ends.
 There you go! I hope you have a wonderful afternoon and beanie, too.


Debbie T said...

Thank you...I can't wait to try this!

adriprints said...

Let me know if you find something unclear! I'm glad you like it. :)

lazynui said...

Once again, thanks for your help today!

I'm about to get to 6" :) From your blog and it says "Decrease 1 stitch after each stitch marker, then work one round plain". Does it mean, I stich the 2K together at the beginning of each needle, and continue normally with 2P, 2K. Then, the next row I just follow the row before. Right?

- Nui

adriprints said...

Yes that's exactly what it means. Good luck!

lazynui said...


Now, next question :) After one Decrease round and one round plain, I want to decrease the next row. How do I do it? Confused... because now I have one knit and 2P at the beginning. HELP PLEASE!!! :O

adriprints said...

You follow the stitches as they are... if you see a K stitch then knit it, P stitch then purl it. When it's time to decrease then Knit them together (K2tog) at your stitch markers or however you divided your stitches.

lazynui said...

I DID it!!!! My first beanie in two evenings.

LOV ya! :)

adriprints said...

Glad I could help! Hope it fits your hubby!

Unknown said...

I'm missing something. If I add a stitch marker after each 12 stitches, plus one at the beginning, I have 4 stitches left over. 76 divided by 12 is 72. What do I do with the last four stitches? Thanks!1

adriprints said...

You work them in pattern. In this case, you continue in the k2, p2 rib. The stitch markers are there just to help decrease later in the pattern.