Thursday, February 11, 2010

StitchinKnit Version 2.1- Beta Testing

I just wanted to share the latest beta test of the updated StitchinKnit font.
After several rounds of beta testing, downsizing the symbols to the top most popularly used symbols.  Refining the position of the glyphs within the keyboard... here's what I've got to offer.


 I used Open Source Calc to plot the pattern.  I formatted all the cells within the pattern to be center-aligned, and made every other row have a yellow background fill.  The cable stitches are made up of two letters as you can see in the bottom chart.  What do you think?


jovance said...

I like the yellow for every other line. Makes it easier to understand the type of row is being knit. I also like the top chart; the symbols are clear, and easy to tell what is what, especially with the cable stitches. I was confused with the bottom chart; it was clearly written, however not having the identifications listed I couldn't tell what was what other than the p for pearl and empty boxes for knit. Looking forward to the final product.

adriprints said...

Hi There,
Thanks for your critique. Back in February I posted this to show my progress with the font I was working on (since published as StitchinKnit), and not really to give away the pattern itself which is why I did not include the symbol key. The bottom chart was to show the letters from the keyboard used to get the symbols in the top chart. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!