Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mitten in Progress

Hopi Mitten... Prototype 1
A few weeks ago I posted some "research"; a mitten project that I had knitted in order to learn how mittens are made.  Here is my interpretation of the Norwegian mitten.  I was inspired by patterns of the southwest as well as some needs for practicality.  I thought that it would be more practical to have a ribbed cuff rather than the flared open cuff as in the traditional pattern.  I also did not design the top of the mitten into a strict point.  Instead I rounded it a bit.

I learned a lot from this prototype.  I am elongating the next version to a more defined point (but not too pointy).  I'm using a less fuzzy yarn, and possibly re-designing the thumb pattern...

Interested in testing the pattern?  Join the pattern testing group within Ravelry, and sign up here.