Friday, October 21, 2011

Pro Work: 3M Unitek Teens

It's been a year since I did these illustrations for use within the 3M Unitek: Teens site for braces website...

Now since it's finally online & published, I can share them with you all!  I've highlighted the illustrations, and described what I drew in the captions since most of the final images are a blend of my work, and my colleagues' work: layout, stock illustrations, studio photos, and text.  Credit has to be given to the art director, Tina Heller, whose vision was really clear and fun.  She was an awesome director to work with!

nature tree, mouse
tree, mice, magnifying glass, mouse with hat
vector skateboard collage, graffiti arrow, "smile" text

About the project: these illustrations were for use on a site for the orthodontics branch of 3M, and the target audience was teens & kids.  There were concepts emphasizing the size of the brackets, style, and types of brackets.  Other illustrations were for the FAQ section and Help sections including the diagrams on how to care for your teeth with braces.  It helped that I had to wear braces for nearly five years.

3 vector illustrations on braces  hygiene, nature tree

Oh yeah!  And panda guy...
panda with braces, question marks, lips

If you'd like to see more, they're on my flickr page here.

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