Monday, March 19, 2012

Brown Quilt Update

So far so good!  I've pieced all the strips into four groups (3x3 rows of blocks, 1 x 4 rows).  Now I have to get onto making a backing!  I have some ideas for what I want to do for the back, but I'm looking for advice.  Should I keep the backing simple in order to avoid some of the crazy alignment mishaps that happened with my baby quilt?  The whole quilt came out sort of wonky.  Or should I attempt some kind of strip quilt as the back?  I just don't know...

I intend to put the four groups of pieces together after they've been quilted and then sash the top, sides and bottom.  Or... maybe I just need to do some more research. Ah well.  At least I've progressed one step further!

Here's my free-motion quilting test block in the meantime...  I used a Janome free motion quilting foot on my Pfaff machine.  I was so happy it worked.  I used slighty variegated King Tut thread and barely had to adjust my tension.

front side
back side
Some resources on free motion quilting and just basics that I've found helpful as a newbie quilter...
On YouTube you watch these free
Collected Quilting Tricks

And if you're already on Craftsy...
Machine Quilting (chapter 6) 
Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine

If you have resources on tackling this quilt that you think I'd find helpful, please share!

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