Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Block of the Month: August

This month is my birthday month, and so far it's been non-stop work and only a few pieces of cake.  no, that's an exaggeration.  It's been good news for my portfolio, but it makes sewing time and hobby time a premium.  So, when I had time during these past few weeks, I cut the pieces for this month's squares.  Then, finally, I had time this afternoon to put them together.

The theme for the month of August was stars...

Ohio Star Block

Double Star Block

P.S. If you do plan on making these blocks, especially with the double star block, make sure it's really a scant 1/4" throughout.  My block came out a bit under in length on one of the sides.  I was "in the zone" whilst sewing and lost track of the "scantness" in my 1/4" measuring.  I'll mark it on the throat plate next time.

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Carolyn said...

Beautiful work! Your stitching is so precise :)
Adri, I've replied to your comment over on my blog as well: and no, Pattern Magic does not contain patterns, but is more a design exercise drafting your own patterns and manipulating them to obtain different sculptural effects with the fabric.