Monday, December 16, 2013

Commission Complete: Twin Boy Blanket

At last, I finished the machine-knitted blanket for the baby boy fraternal twin.  The longest part was the finishing...  Crocheting a border on the quilt was quite a feat using a 2.75mm crochet hook!

blanket being blocked
Instead of hand-grafting all the long strips together, I found a method that worked quite well... I zig-zag stitched them together using my sewing machine.  A zig went into one strip, and the zag went into the other.  This kept the edges bound together and sealed in the woven ends.

The crochet border was added as a nice finishing touch, but also helps keep the edges from rolling inward as machine knitted items tend to do.

I'm already onto the twin baby girl's blanket, and I'll post photos as soon as it's complete!

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Carolyn said...

This is beautifully made. I love that you chose non-babyish colours, so he will be sure to appreciate it right into adulthood.

adriprints said...

Thank you! Part of my intent was to make something that would last a bit longer than just a year or two.

adriprints said...

Thank you!