Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to Use StitchinCrochet with... Adobe Illustrator (Step 3)

I started posting tutorials on how to use the font I created, StitchinCrochet, with Adobe Illustrator.  In today's post, I will finish off the tutorial on how to use those symbols from the font to arrange the final center row, and then the points of the star.

Step 3: doubling the single crochet stitches

Step 4: adding symbols for the star points, and finishing
See post here for the next steps.


Cara Louise said...

Adri- I found the first set of instructions, and the one that says Final... and this one labeled number 3... I can't seem to find the in between ones?

adriprints said...

Hi There, thanks for writing in!

This post has steps 1 & 2:
and then it's 3 here, and the post labeled "final" has the final steps.
They're better organized on this page:

Cara Louise said...

aha- thank you!