Wednesday, April 10, 2013

StitchinCrochet PRO!

Finally, another loose end tied up. This particular loose end has been around for 3 or 4 years.  I've been collecting e-mails, handy symbols that I missed, and re-organizing this font for a looooong time.  It's done now.  I've simplified the organization of the glyphs so they are grouped together by type: dc increases together, dc decreases together.  I tried to be sure there were corresponding increase and decrease symbols where it was relevant, and I eliminated some of the more fanciful and esoteric symbols that are not used commonly.

And, the result is StitchinCrochetPro now available on!

For more details on what glyphs/symbols are included in this version, check out the "gallery" section of the font here.  It includes the keyboard key and symbol abbreviations guide as a pdf.
Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try it!


Lily said...

Hi Adri! I couldn't figure out how to email you back since you are a no reply blogger! Thanks for your comment on my Salt Water quilt! I think we escaped the beach without any damage to the quilt - but at least it's washable! I really like your blog, and thanks for the post on going to Bloglovin. I'm going to steal your idea to post the bloglovin link to my blog so that people can follow me there since Google friend connect is abandoning us! Love this post - thanks for the crochet fonts!! I'll be following you now. : )

adriprints said...

Thanks for letting me know! I've changed my profile so that I'm no longer a "no reply blogger". I had no idea that's why I never received responses from people! :) And, feel free to bloglovin' it up. I'm already following you on there.

Cara Louise said...

Hi Adri!
I am fairly new to designing, but already finding that I have a real need for the ability to turn my 'words only' patterns into symbols... I would love to hear from others who are using your fonts, as I have really no clue what to expect! I notice on your new version there is a commercial license, which I guess I would need if I wish to include diagrams in my for-sale patterns, correct?

Anonymous said...

Hi Adri, and thanks for making useful symbols! I also wonder which edition of the font I need to purchase in order to be able to use it to make pdf-files (patterns) for sale. I can't for the life of me find it at myfonts. Very mystified and I really would love to buy your font!

Cheers, Anne-Lise

adriprints said...

Hi Anne-Lise, I hope you can see my reply. I am also somewhat mystified by the new license options provided by If you're just going to make patterns on your own and sell them, you can use the Desktop license. If you're publishing them to e-book (bundles), then buy the e-book version. They just recently added all these options, and it's confusing even to me! :D I had to read through their new policies. Thank you for your interest, and I hope you find the fonts useful!



adriprints said...

MyFonts, the distributor of my typefaces has recently updated all of my font EULAs (end-user license agreements). In order for my reply to be accurate, check with the latest licensing options under each font. Usually, indie designers will need either Desktop or E-Book licensing depending on how they intend to use the font.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I'll make sure to do single patterns, then, since I don't understand the ebook description either, lol!
Is there a way you (or they) could add a note saying it was ok to use it for pdfs for sale to perhaps the read me file or something? Just so I don't end up in jail for using it (kidding, yet not). I add a note for StitchingKnit to my knitting patterns since that was what it said I should do when I bought that, is there any such requirements for using the crochet font?

Anne-Lise said...

It's me again, I can't find anywhere on Myfonts to address this, so I hope it's ok that I write here?
When on this page:
I see the personal (4$) or commercial (6$) right above add to cart. However, when I try to add to cart, I do not get the choice to add commercial. I wish to be able to sell the patterns I produce using your font, so I'm guessing I will need the commercial edition. How, oh how do I purchase that? It seems like the options are missing, even if they are flagged as available. Do I need to contact Myfonts instead of you?

adriprints said...

Hi Anne-Lise,

I see what you mean. How strange! I think it's an issue on their end, and my old commercial prices aren't listed anymore. They have added so many new choices it has become pretty confusing! Maybe just choose "desktop" and be done with it, and then ask MyFonts about it. Thanks so much for your patience!


Anne-Lise said...

Hi again Adri, I wrote MyFonts, and they told me to get the eBook version, which is the one you can use both for private and commercial docs. Even if you don't intent to do ebooks. However, they want me to pay 8$ for each pdf I publish (so not just 8$ once and be done with it), and that is beginning to be a bit too much administration. I don't mind at all paying for the font! but this is adding just one too many steps to the process. I would have loved to use your font, I use the StitchingKnit every day and love it to pieces. If they change the rules again so it becomes more manageable, I'll be back.
Sincerely, AL

adriprints said...

Wow! I hadn't realized that was the intention of their e-book license. I don't think they realize how much crochet designers charge per PDF. They probably don't know that 8$/pattern is likely more expensive than the pattern itself. I'm going to write to them. Again, thanks for your patience, and I hope you'll still test out the pattern on your own. I agree that the extra admin involved in order to follow their license is excessive. Have a great weekend!