Thursday, May 22, 2014

WIP: Knitting for Baby

More Me-Mades in progress for baby Finn...

A BSJ! For the uninitiated, a BSJ = a Baby Surprise Jacket.  It's a classic pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman (aka the Opinionated Knitter) from the late 1960's.  The pattern is written in a conversational style and makes for some real interpretive decisions when knitting.  It's a real departure from my own pattern writing style, but it's a very clever pattern, and I'm happy to give it a whirl.

I remember looking at this pattern years ago when I first started knitting, and found it so intimidating I never attempted it.  But, now that I've got a bit more experience... well, I can see why the old me was confused, but I'm a lot more fearless now, and understand the structure of the shape EZ was creating.


Helen Le Caplain said...

Love those colour combinations - it'll make a grogeous jacket!

Anonymous said...

This will turn out great! I think, every baby should wear a BSJ :)