Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mitten in Progress

Hopi Mitten... Prototype 1
A few weeks ago I posted some "research"; a mitten project that I had knitted in order to learn how mittens are made.  Here is my interpretation of the Norwegian mitten.  I was inspired by patterns of the southwest as well as some needs for practicality.  I thought that it would be more practical to have a ribbed cuff rather than the flared open cuff as in the traditional pattern.  I also did not design the top of the mitten into a strict point.  Instead I rounded it a bit.

I learned a lot from this prototype.  I am elongating the next version to a more defined point (but not too pointy).  I'm using a less fuzzy yarn, and possibly re-designing the thumb pattern...

Interested in testing the pattern?  Join the pattern testing group within Ravelry, and sign up here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Intermittent Cute Post

Not a DIY post, but a post about my dog, Rex-e.

He recently recovered from a cut on his paw.  Here's what the vet ordered...

His paws were too small for the protective dog sneakers, so they opted for these.  Yes.  It's a baby sock; one baby sock with a red airplane on it. He looked so solemn in this photo, I had to share it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing Project 1: PJ Pants!

Pattern: Burda 7765, Pant A

My first project with the new Pfaff went really well technically.  The machine runs like a dream.  The over locking stitch is awesome and so is the automatic buttonhole maker.

Maybe I should check the size more closely next time I jump into a project.  The pants are a bit tight around the thighs.  Oh well.  It was lots of fun to make!  I bought more fabric so I can adjust the pattern and add some room in the seat!

Here's the first attempt... and all my seams lined up beautifully. :D  Tee hee.

Pattern: Burda 7765, Pant A  Review
The pattern is quite simple, but has a strangely designed elastic waist.  It only has elasticity on the sides.  I thought that was weird so I added an elastic waistband all the way around, and options for a drawstring using my automatic buttonhole stitch.  These are designed quite slimly and would be great for someone with slim legs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Say hello to my beaver... yarn

I could not resist the purchase of this yarn.  We were on an island in Denmark in a shop called Kunstladen which is pretty much in the middle of paradise.  I sensed yarn and made my way to one of the most extraordinary collections of yarn from around the world.

As soon as I realized that the secondary content of this yarn was beaver, I had to purchase it.  It's made by a Danish yarn company fancy-knits, and it's beaver.  Yes, beaver.  Tee hee.  It's also not a strip of leather as other beaver yarns are.  It's really soft, but not super fuzzy which is good.  I had a skein of angora in my hand and when I snorgled it... my eyes started watering and my nose itched... but not with the beaver!  Gotta love the beaver.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Introducing my new Pfaff Hobby 1142!

It's here!  My new sewing machine arrived last week, and I'm nearly done with my first project.  I had a few delays, though.  My instruction manual was in Italian, and the seller was German - so he sent me a German digital version.   Both of these instruction manuals were really colorful and tantalizingly detailed... but I know sewing terms in English best!  So, they sent me a digital version in English and I had it printed at a local copy place.  I think it's one of those things best read without the aid of a computer screen, and so very handy to have in hard copy.

I read through it.  I am so excited about the overlock stitches and the automatic buttonhole features!  I've already used the overlock stitch for my first test run project - a pair of pajama pants.  I intend to use the buttonhole maker as well for the drawstring holes!

I'll post photos of the PJ pants when they're done...  but for now here are the accessories and a close-up.

Look at all those stitches!!
Lovely foot options and accessories!  Just realized the feet are facing away from you... sorry!