Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Block of the Month: January

January's Block of the Month... As part of signing up to be a monthly quilt block maker on Craftsy, I'm following along every month and making a 12.5" block or two each month.  Of the two January variations, I've yet to do the wonky pound sign, but here's my wild asterisk!  This block was made from some really old scrap fabric.  I was so happy to finally use them... together.

glamour shot of asterisk block
here sits the asterisk block on top of my 80 li'l squares

Monday, January 30, 2012

Beatnik & Updates!

Wow.  You don't realize how much and how often you use the internet until you are cut off.  Cold turkey.  The last blog post took about three hours to upload using a random connection at a nearby cafe within a mall.  Finally, internet has been installed and I can now blog regularly again.  ((phew!!))

January was a busy crafting month for me, and I was really pleased with the completed Beatnik, a free sweater design by Norah Gaughan from Knitty Deep Fall 2010.  I made some modifications to the pattern, but the essence of the design is still there.  I love how it turned out and it fits really well... plus it's incredibly warm which is what I need these days.  Can you believe it actually snowed here in Amsterdam.  Everyone's been telling me since I moved here that it doesn't snow, etc. etc.  Well, guess what, it did.

So, here's what's keeping me warm...

"Beatniks to Murgatroyd"
My modifications to the pattern were as follows:

  • knit in the round instead of flat
  • 25 st side cable patterns changed to stag-horn cable w/ twisted st center (much easier to follow)
  • added 1” even at hips
  • knit full length sleeves (each was approx. 50g yarn in Lana Grossa Alta Moda Alpaca)
  • added 4 extra rows near the top of sleeve cap for better ease, used one size larger for sleeve shaping
Yarn was purchased at Wolladiho; a local yarn shop in Munich that I will miss since it was right across the street from me.

Quilting progress: I made 80 squares for the top of our quilt.  Yay!  Next is sashing them together.

Sewing progress: I can now proceed with trousers, finishing UFOs, and some quick sewing projects!

Blogging full speed ahead!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP: January is Flying By

After moving in December, I took a trip to visit my family, and then returned to a flat full of boxes and a nervous dog.  So, after much unpacking, organizing, and finding a local cafe that has wi-fi... I can post again!  Hopefully soon I'll have internet once again at home, but just wanted to post my latest in-progress photos.

In sewing, I've been cutting out paper patterns and readying them for this year.  I've also begun my big project which is a quilt and have laid out the fabric for my trousers project.  The quilt is a disappearing 9 square pattern and I'm hoping I bought enough charm squares to make it cover our double bed... I hope.  So far I have 48 squares.  I think I need 90 or so.

I'm trying to finish all the WIP projects from 2011 and I'm still finishing the very cable-heavy sweater "Beatnik" by Norah Gaughan.  It's nearly complete with just one more sleeve, the top front, and the collar.  So close!